Terms and Conditions

Your acceptance of our estimate is your understanding and agreement of our Terms & Conditions listed below:


Booking – To schedule please contact your in-home advisor directly, or call 800-531-0449.

Payment – The homeowner agrees to the following payment schedule regarding the project:

  • For projects that are scheduled more than 1 calendar month in advance, a $250 non-refundable fee is required. This $250 will be applied to your final balance when it comes due.
  • Half of the project total amount is due 14 days prior to the project start date.
  • The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project. Please leave payment for technician on final day of project.


  • Line items labeled “Wood Purchase” or “Material Purchase” are due in full 21 days prior to the project start date to allow for ordering and delivery.
  • Any changes made throughout the project will be communicated throughly and signed off by the homeowner. This may reflect a change in the final invoice.

Payment Methods – Old to Gold Gladly accepts:

  •  Cash, Check, MasterCard and Visa.


  • If a credit card is used for your project, a 3% fee will be applied to the invoice total.

Payments and Keys can be mailed to:

Old to Gold

3528 Roger B Chaffee Mem. Blvd. SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Entry – 

  • Old To Gold requires that the homeowner supply a key for their property upon submission of initial payment. We understand that not everyone likes to turn over a key to their home, however our crews are very busy and will bounce from project to project during down time(drying times, etc…), and we cannot guarantee an exact specific time of arrival daily . This being said, we also want your home to be secure as possible, while still maintaining the ability to access the home during the day at any time.
  • Your supplied key will be placed in a lockbox on an entry door of your choice for the duration of the project and we will supply you with the code in case you need the key as well!
  • Upon completion the technicians will remove the lockbox and leave the key behind for you, locking upon exit!

Schedule and Project Duration – 

  • Old to Gold certainly values your time and schedule and will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. Please be aware that from time to time delays occur. These delays can be caused by weather, humidity, dry times, unforseen repairs etc…
  • If a delay arises, your project coordinator will be in communication with you regarding the delay, and to discuss a plan or any challenges that exist.


Wood orders –

  • As stated above, all wood purchases and material purchases must be paid in full. These items will be clearly noted in your estimate as “Wood Purchase” or “Material Purchase”. These items include: Wood flooring, stairs, vents, moldings, transitions, etc… All wood or material purchases are non refundable.

Delivery – 

  • Hardwood floor products need to be ordered and delivered to property 5 days prior to project completion so the product can acclimate to your homes environment, to prevent swelling, shrinking, cupping, etc…

Changes –

  • We understand plans can change like rooms being added, stain color switched etc. If you want or need to make a change, please contact your project coordinator to discuss the changes. Changes must be approved by Management, are subject to delayed completion times and an updated invoice will be emailed to customer for approval.


Trim & Shoe Molding – 

  • If there is shoe molding currently installed to your baseboards, it is highly recommended to remove it or have us remove it for an additional fee. If you choose to leave it on, there is potential that it will be bumped, nicked and scuffed and you will probably need to do some minor touch up painting.
  • It is highly recommended that shoe molding be removed and replaced upon completion of your project to ensure a thorough sand and finish and great results!
  • In many cases, the shoe molding is very old and brittle and there is potential for damage from removal. In this case, Old to Gold will make the customer aware of the challenge and recommend replacing the old shoe molding with new.

Dust –

  • Thanks to our Bona DCS, dust is almost completely captured and contained. See the video below.

Transitions, Reducers & Moldings –

  • Transition strips, reducers and/or moldings will be sanded and finished to match your floor. However, if there is a molding, transition, reducer, etc.. that you specifically want removed or replaced, stained differently, etc… it must be brought to the estimators attention.

Carpet –

  • If any areas of wood are attached directly to carpet, we recommend having the carpet pulled back and re-tucked when the floors are done, which we will do for an additional fee. If you choose to leave the carpet as is, we will use best practices to not damage the carpet but are not liable if sand paper, stain and finish damages the edge of the carpet.

Furniture & Appliances –

  • Unfortunately, due to insurance and liability concerns, Old To Gold cannot and will not move any furniture or appliances.
  • All items, including furniture and appliances must be removed from the wood floor surface prior to arrival. If these items are not removed upon arrival, our technician will call you to discuss and your project will be delayed.


Stain Color –

  • Stain color must be chosen prior to the project beginning, unless we are providing live stain samples.
  • Once a stain is applied it cannot be changed without complete re-sanding.
  • If you want a different color after your chosen stain color is applied, we will gladly do so, however the customer will be charged for sanding the floor again.
  • If color cannot be determined prior to project start, we recommend an onsite stain test so you can see your floors true color and make your best decision.

Finishes –

  • Sheen level is final once applied. If customer would like a different sheen after seeing final coat applied, we will apply an extra layer of finish of the customers desired sheen level at an additional fee of $1.50/Sq ft.

Dry Times –

  • Water Based finishes are dry to walk in 2-4 hours. Furniture in 24 hours and area rugs in 14 days.
  • Rubio Mono-coat dries to walk in 1 hour. Furniture in 24 hours and area rugs in 7 days.


  • Dry times are estimated and are subject to favorable weather, humidity and environmental conditions.

We know there’s a lot of information so don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions.

We look forward to serving you and taking your floors from “Old to Gold!”

– The Old To Gold Team

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