Residential Hardwood Floor Services

What You Need To Know

“Did you know hardwood floors need to be coated with a new layer of finish every 3-4 years? Every day sun, dirt, shoes, toys, pets and water are wearing down the surface of your floor finish getting closer to the wood level and closer to damage. Your finish has a breaking point and once broken, you have to do a complete Sand & Finish to restore the floor. Sanding & Finishing is dramatic restoration process which takes more time and costs more money. Don’t let your floors get to this point. Have us come out and take a look at your floor and see if you can save you time and money with a fast, affordable Re-Coat.

About Us

Old To Gold was founded in Grand Rapids, MI in 2009 and has since transformed over 2000 floors. Our customers are homeowners, realtors, landlords, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, businesses, hotels and more. With our customer care, craftsmanship, and commercial grade products, we have systems to meet the unique needs of your floor.

Our Services

Hardwood Floor Installation

If you’d like to add new wood flooring to your home, we will remove the old flooring and install the wood of your choice and even blend it into a room with existing hardwood floors.

Re-coating Hardwood Floors

We can protect your floor finish from becoming too thin by adding a new layer of durable floor finish. This process is quick and affordable.

Sanding and Finishing Hardwood Floors

If your floor cannot be re-coated and has reached the breaking point, we will Sand away the old finish to reveal the beautiful wood beneath. Once sanded we can apply a variety of stain colors to the wood to your liking or apply the coating naturally to the wood and reveal the woods natural beauty.

Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Once your floors have been refinished, installed or re-coated we protect your floor with our deep clean system.

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