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Lansing, MI Wood Floors

We have transformed well over 2000 floors and have grown to be the go-to company for hardwood flooring solutions in the Lansing, MI area. With our customer care, craftsmanship & exclusive commercial grade products, we have developed a system to meet the unique needs of your floor, all at competitive pricing.

Wood Floor Repair, Installation, Refinishing, Buffing & Re-Coating

Hardwood Floor Repair & Maintanence

Properly maintaining your hardwood floor from daily walking, dirt, sunlight, water etc. with periodic deep cleaning or needed repairing from Old To Gold hardwood floors is a great way to protect your floor finish. Don’t ask a carpet company to clean your wood floors, go to Old To Gold, the hardwood floor experts.

Need Repairs:

Dishwashers leak, termites eat & pets urinate. Just a few reasons hardwood floors can get damaged. At Old To Gold we can isolate & remove damaged flooring and replace brand new matching wood. Once the repair is done we can sand, stain and finish to make it look like your floor is new again.

Deep Cleaning:

Our miraculous process for cleaning hardwood floors involves certified technicians using our Old To Gold “floor warrior deep clean machine”, equipped with a finish-friendly, high-speed scrubber, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and a high-powered vacuum extractor. Stairs, Edges and harder to reach areas are hand-treated for a finished look. Technicians can treat floors just under the edges of rugs to ensure all exposed hardwoods are treated. The service takes about 60–90 minutes and your floor will take one hour to dry, so downtime is limited. A measurement and evaluation of your floor will be conducted upon arrival. Your technicians will help you determine additional restoration processes, like re-coating and refinishing that could be performed in the future to protect your floor even more.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood floors bring your living space to life. Easily one of the most noticeable design elements, hardwood floors make your home or business look inviting and timeless. Wood flooring can enhance your home’s value, whether you choose engineered wood, solid hardwood, or our other options.

We Provide Standard Installation As Well As Unique, High End, Custom Services:

  • Exotic Inlays
  • Medallions
  • Logos
  • Custom Inlays
  • Unique borders
  • Blending Old and New Wood Floors
  • And more..

At Old To Gold, we have a distinct advantage over the other guys because we can blend a room that currently has hardwood flooring with a room you’d like to add wood flooring to. Typically, an installer will lay pre-finished wood that has it’s own unique sheen and color, but if you’re trying to match it to an existing room, this can leave your rooms looking oddly different. We can install unfinished wood then refinish your hardwood floors by sanding, staining, repairing, and coating your floors evenly so they blend and look seamless from room to room.

Hardwood Floor Finishing

When we arrive to get started there’s a list of things we do before sanding including, floor prep, house prep, shoe removal, carpet removal and any floor repair or patching needed.


We aggressively sand away and remove the old finish, scratches, gouges and imperfections in the wood. We are also level the floor by sanding deep enough into the wood to literally create a new wood layer.

After several hours (and some floors many) we have a brand new wood floor surface ready for staining and finishing.

Staining or Natural Finish

Now that the wood is sanded, the world is yours. You can stain the wood any color you’d like or go natural by applying a water or oil based sealer and finish directly on the floor. Looking through our website will give you a decent idea of what natural and stained floors look like. The majority of the floors you see here were finished with the natural color of the wood. You can do whatever you’d like and many customers have trim, cabinets and etc. that need to be matched. The choice is yours!

Oil or Water? Choose your finish

Regardless of staining or applying finish directly to the wood, you need to choose an oil or water based finish. Oil is what has been most common to people for the last few decades. Oil has alcohol which causes the wood to amber/glow/redden a bit. Oil finish ages and can turn yellowish or orange over time. You’ve probably seen this. It’s very durable, strong and a great product to use. A couple negatives of oil. It takes about 24hrs between coats so the job takes much longer, it’s toxic so it’s not good for kids and animals (or grown ups) to breathe the fumes and lastly it can have an aged look like I mentioned turning orangish/yellowish over time.

Water has been developing over the last 10 years and becoming the standard in the industry. It’s low VOC (non toxic) components make it safer to breathe and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t amber the way oil does and has the ability to give your floor a very light colored tone. It’s also incredibly fast drying with only about 1-3 hours between coats so it makes projects move along much quicker and you able to get back into your house and start living again. We’ve done many projects in a day where we show up sand and finish and the customer was able to walk on their floor when they came home from work! Water is different than oil in that it’s more expensive to make and generally costs anywhere from $50-$150/gal more than oil depending on how strong of a finish you’d like. You can purchase finishes that literally turn to a rock once opened and ready to use so there’s a lot of options with water. If you can afford the upgrade it’s a great decision!

Satin, Semi-gloss, Gloss

All that’s left to do now is decide if you want a flat, calm floor (Matte) a soft, mellow shine (Satin) kind of shiny but not too shiny floor (semi gloss) or a shiny floor (gloss). It’s hard to see a huge difference in pictures so we’ll show you samples to help you make your decision.

Hardwood Floor Buffing & Re-coating

It’s so important to have this process done every 2-5 years (depending on usage) before your floor finish get’s too thin and your wood starts being affected, damaged and turning gray and black. If your floor finish get’s too thin, the only solution is a full refinish so stay ahead of the game and get it re-coated before it’s too late!

A fast and amazing solution that 99% of people with hardwood floors don’t know about. Finish has a life to it and daily walking, dirt, sunlight, water etc, is constantly breaking down the thickness and durability of the floor.

How it works

It’s a light buffing/sanding process that preps the current finish for a new coat of finish. If your floor is looking dull, faded, showing signs of wear and losing it’s luster, then it is probably ready for a re-coat. It does not remove imperfections like deep scratches into the wood, gouges, stains and discoloration therefor it’s a process that cannot be done on any floor. But, if the floor seems to be in semi decent shape and you are ok with the color and basic look of the floor, then a buff & re-coat may just be the fast, affordable and transforming solution your floor needs.


It is highly important to keep up with the re-coat process. Finish has a breaking point that if reached and exceeded, re-coating will do it no good. Re-coating should take place every 2-5 years. It depends on the environment and use of the floor. Commercial floors will generally need a more consistent re-coat process to keep the protective layer built up as many times as 3-4 times/ yr. Now if your floor seems to be beyond the re-coat phase, then what you need is a hardwood floor refinishing.

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