Properly Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor From Daily Walking, Dirt, Sunlight, Water Etc With Periodic Deep Cleaning Or Needed Repairing From Old To Gold Hardwood Floors Is A Great Way To Protect Your Floor Finish. Don’t Ask A Carpet Company To Clean Your Wood Floors, Go To Old To Gold, The Hardwood Floor Experts.


Dishwashers Leak, Termites Eat & Pets Urinate. Just A Few Reasons Hardwood Floors Can Get Damaged. At Old To Gold We Can Isolate & Remove Damaged Flooring And Replace Brand New Matching Wood. Once The Repair Is Done We Can Sand, Stain,And Finish To Make It Look Like Your Floor Is New Again.


Our Miraculous Process For Cleaning Hardwood Floors Involves Certified Technicians Using Our Old To Gold “Floor Warrior Deep Clean Machine”, Equipped With A Finish-Friendly, High-Speed Scrubber, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions, And A High-Powered Vacuum Extractor. Stairs, Edges And Harder To Reach Areas Are Hand Treated For A Finished Look.

Technicians Can Treat Floorsjust Under The Edges Of Rugs To Ensure All Exposed Hardwoods Are Treated. The Service Takes About 60–90 Minutes And Your Floor Will Take One Hour To Dry, So Downtime Is Limited. A Measurement And Evaluation Of Your Floor Will Be Conducted Upon Arrival. Your Technicians Will Help You Determine Additional Restoration Processes, Like Re-Coating And Refinishing That Could Be Performed In The Future To Protect Your Floor Even More.