It’s So Important To Have This Process Done Every 2-5 Years (Depending On Usage) Before Your Floor Finish Get’s Too Thin And Your Wood Starts Being Affected, Damaged And Turning Gray And Black. If Your Floor Finish Get’s Too Thin, The Only Solution Is A Full Refinish So Stay Ahead Of The Game And Get It Re-Coated Before It’s Too Late!

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A fast and amazing solution that 99% of people with hardwood floors don’t know about. Finish has a life to it and daily walking, dirt, sunlight, water etc, is constantly breaking down the thickness and durability of the floor. It’s so important to have this process done every 2-5 years (depending on usage) before your floor finish get’s too thin and your wood starts being affected, damaged and turning gray and black. If your floor finish get’s too thin, the only solution is a full refinish so stay ahead of the game, save yourself thousands of dollars and get it re-coated before it’s too late!

How it works

It’s a light buffing/sanding process that preps the current finish for a new coat of finish. If your floor is looking dull, faded, showing signs of wear and losing it’s luster, then it is probably ready for a re-coat. It does not remove imperfections like deep scratches into the wood, gouges, stains and discoloration therefor it’s a process that cannot be done on any floor. But, if the floor seems to be in semi decent shape and you are ok with the color and basic look of the floor, then a buff & re-coat may just be the fast, affordable and transforming solution your floor needs.


It is highly important to keep up with the re-coat process. Finish has a breaking point that if reached and exceeded, re-coating will do it no good. Re-coating should take place every 2-5 years. It depends on the environment and use of the floor. Commercial floors will generally need a more consistent re-coat process to keep the protective layer built up as many times as 3-4 times/ yr. Now if your floor seems to be beyond the re-coat phase, then what you need is a hardwood floor refinishing.